About Advocacy

Will you get informed and get involved so we can get going?

The most important way that each of us can advocate for our profession is by practicing collaborative patient-centered care, practicing to our full scope and effectively communicating what we do no matter what our practice environment. 

Patients are the public, stakeholders and elected officials.  By building positive, mutual relationships, communicating what we do and providing great care, pharmacists are advocating for their profession interaction by interaction, patient by patient. 

How does RxA Advocate for you?

We educate you, so that you can provide the best care to your patients and community. 

We support you in your practice, through tools and feedback to stakeholders.

We advocate for you by:

  • Meeting with stakeholders locally, provincially and nationally
  • Meeting with elected officials and pharmacists locally through RxA’s Leadership Cohort
  • Recognizing pharmacists through awards and recognition
  • Assisting you in Getting Involved
  • Assisting you in Getting Going

Will you get informed get informed and get involved so we can get going?