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RxA members are able to contact Field Law to receive an initial legal consultation at no cost.  This is a completely confidential service.  RxA staff will not ask any questions about the nature of their concern or the reasons for wanting the service.

The purpose of any consultation will be:

  • To identify the nature of the matter or any legal problem, as well as what legal services may assist or be required.
  • Assuming legal services are sought, to provide a preliminary estimate of the costs involved and of the timeframes involved in dealing with the matter.
  • To identify a lawyer with the qualifications and capabilities to deal with the matter.

Following the consultation, there is no obligation on the part of the member to retain legal services. If the member does not wish to pursue the matter, or chooses lawyers other than Field Law, the consultation will remain at no charge to the member.  Any fees for services subsequently agreed to by the member are the responsibility of the member.

Field Law is a full-service law firm with the free consultation for RxA members being available on a wide variety of legal matters, be they business-related or personal. Services may include, conflict resolution. mediation, etc. Due to an existing client relationship, Field Law is not, however, able to provide consultation on professional matters involving the College.  For such matters, the Roberts O’Kelly law firm can be contacted for an initial consultation on a similar basis.