Relief Buddy

Make the most of every workday with Relief Buddy!

Whether you’re a pharmacy professional seeking to boost your earnings while providing quality support, or a pharmacy in need of a convenient staffing solution, look no further! The innovative Relief Buddy platform offers real-time connections between pre-vetted pharmacy professionals and pharmacies.

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Benefits for Pharmacy Pros

Join Relief Buddy and unlock unparalleled earning potential! As an RxA member, you’ll enjoy exclusive benefits:

  • Earn 25% of Relief Buddy’s Placement Fee: Your commitment deserves rewarding compensation.

    With each shift worked, you could earn as much as $13.75 per shift in addition to your hourly pay. Imagine what you can achieve with this additional income stream! On an 8-hour shift, you can make up to $1.72 per hour in addition to the hourly rate you are paid.
  • Flexible Shifts: Choose shifts that fit your schedule, availability, and desired location.

    Diversify your work experience and meet new colleagues.
  • Relief Shifts and Permanent Job Postings: Find and apply to both relief shifts and permanent positions on the platform.

Benefits for Pharmacies

Revolutionize your staffing strategy for both relief shift and permanent hiring needs with Relief Buddy’s exceptional features:

  • Shifts are Amplified: Your shifts are more appealing on the Relief Buddy app since RxA members earn more at no additional cost to you.
  • Real-time Fulfillment: Fill staffing gaps instantly with our extensive pool of pre-vetted professionals.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Enhance your team without breaking the bank – our platform benefits both pharmacies and professionals.
  • Job Postings: The platform is easy to navigate so you can quickly and easily post relief shifts and permanent positions, finding pre-vetted pharmacy professionals at your fingertips.
  • Desktop and Mobile: You can now use the platform on all devices including your desktop and laptops.

Join Relief Buddy today and experience the future of pharmacy staffing firsthand. Whether you’re a pharmacy professional seeking career growth and opportunities, or a pharmacy in search of a seamless staffing solution, Relief Buddy is your answer. || ph: 1-877-RxBuddy