CPBA Professional Liability Insurance 2020-2021 Information

Designed Specifically with Pharmacists in Mind

RxA is dedicated to providing our members with the relevant tools and resources to succeed professionally. This is why we we offer claims-made professional liability insurance through the Canadian Pharmacists Benefits Association (CPBA).

What are the insurance requirements?

All pharmacists on the Alberta College of Pharmacists (ACP) clinical register must provide proof of a minimum of $2,000,000 personal liability insurance.

What are my options when it comes to professional liability insurance?

All insurance offerings are not created equal. Each pharmacist should understand their requirements for insurance and ensure their selected insurance option is appropriate for their circumstances.

To help pharmacists better understand the liability insurance options available, the following resources have been provided:

To learn more about the exclusive benefits of the CPBA-sponsored program, please visit www.cpba.ca.

What is available through RxA?

The CPBA professional liability insurance offered through RxA exceeds ACP requirements and is well-suited for traditional roles as well as expanding scope of practice.

  • Optional $2,000.000/claim; $4,000,000 annual aggregate professional liability insurance exclusive to RxA members that exceeds ACP licensing requirements.
  • $5,000,000/claim and annual aggregate also available to give members additional coverage
  • Claims-made insurance. The policy covers claims first made during the policy term.
  • Supplementary Policy: supplement to employer paid policy; to cover members who wish to purchase a policy that will cover any possible gaps to their employer policy and/or increase limits.