Become a Speaker or Reviewer

Interested in Speaking at an RxA event?


Are you interested in presenting on an educational topic at one of our professional development events?  Do you have expertise in a particular area?  Are you working with a unique patient population?  


RxA would love to work with you to share your knowledge among your peers.  If you would like to present on an educational topic in pharmacy, please update your RxA profile with your areas of expertise, and e-mail a copy of your CV to



I want to be a Peer Reviewer



Not interested in being the center of attention but still have a wealth of knowledge to share?  Would you like the opportunity to help improve the educational quality of the programs we deliver?  


RxA is always looking for pharmacists with expertise who are interested and willing to serve as content Peer Reviewers.  If you would like to be a Peer Reviewer for a specific topic(s) in pharmacy, please update your RxA profile with your areas of expertise, and e-mail a copy of your CV to



How to Update Your Profile


At the top right of this screen click on "Login".  After you have logged in, click on the "My Profile" link to update your Speaker and/or Peer Reviewer information as shown in the picture example below.


How To Update Profile



Get the RxE-MEMBER AdvantageTM


What is it?

The RxE-MEMBER AdvantageTM (pronounced REMEMBER Advantage) is a reward program that recognizes you for being an active participant in your profession.  We believe in the value of what we do, and we know you do too.  The RxE-MEMBER AdvantageTM program allows you to take advantage of that by recognizing your participation in RxA and in RxA programs by encouraging you to become a member of RxA.  

Once you're a member, the RxE-MEMBER AdvantageTM program enables you to receive credit* towards your membership renewal simply by engaging in your professional association and actively promoting membership. 


*RxE-MEMBER AdvantageTM credits:

  • only apply towards the next year's (July 1-June 30) regular RxA membership fee to a maximum value of $400 (cannot be used towards insurance, ENVIRx or any other RxA programs);
  • are non-transferrable, non-refundable and can not be carried over past June 30th each year.


For more information contact