Community Based Naloxone Program

Community Opioid Program Image


Formerly the "Take Home Naloxone" Program.


Pharmacies participating in the Community Based Naloxone program should ensure their staff are knowledgeable about the program by completing one of the following 3 options for education.




RxA members can access it easily in GoPharmacist.


Otherwise register for the ACCREDITED PROGRAM HERE. 


Pharmacy Technicians



Pharmacy Staff Members

Click here to access the NON-ACCREDITED PROGRAM HERE




Pharmacy Store Registration

Click here to REGISTER your pharmacy to participate in the program.  Whenever possible this form should be completed by the Pharmacy Manager.  Please allow 2-3 business days for your registration to be completed.  If you are not able to order kits after that time please send an e-mail to



This program is only open to pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and pharmacy staff practicing in Alberta.