Additional Prescribing Authorization (APA)

In 2007, the Alberta Government enacted legislation allowing a pharmacist to prescribe schedule 1 drugs.  Since 2012 the Alberta Pharmacists' Association has been helping pharmacists to achieve their Additional Prescribing Authorization designation.


Every pharmacist licensed to practice in Alberta and working in direct patient care is eligible to apply for their Additional Prescribing Authorization.



Preparing to Apply for Additional Prescribing Authorization Course


This two part course provides participants with an overview of the process, requirements and expectations set out by the Alberta College of Pharmacists, as well as providing the necessary tools, support and strategy to successfully prepare for your Additional Prescribing Authorization.


Part 1 of the course is a live session that is 2 hours in duration.  This part ensures that participants have a good understanding of the requirements to complete their application for Additional Prescribing Authorization.  Participants will learn to gather their case evidence, supplement that evidence with a patient case narrative, and compile their case evidence in a way that will easily demonstrate to assessors that they have met each of the key activities for a successful application.


Part 2 of the course is a workshop session that is 3 hours in duration.  The workshop provides an opportunity for participants to actively engage each other working in pairs or small groups where they will have the opportunity to review their own patient case evidence, and learn tips on how to successfully complete the application form to ensure the greatest possibility of a successful application.



“I just wanted to say thanks for all your help. I did receive my APA this past week. Taking the course, definitely helped break down the process and I would recommend it to anyone who wanted to get their APA.” ~ APA Course Participant and received APA


“I had been working at finishing my application for over a year and just never felt it was good enough, although I seemed to have the elements. The RxA course gave me the push to get it finished, so was easily worth the price and now I really wish I had done it much sooner.  Having the tools to make sure my cases and application were complete was such a relief, as was working in a group with other pharmacists who were also applying. Thank you very much for such a practical program.” ~ APA Course Participant and received APA



This course has been accredited by the Alberta Pharmacists' Association (a CCCEP approved accredited provider) for 5 Continuing Education Units (CEUs). 


More APA courses to be announced Fall 2018





Additional Prescribing Authorization (APA) Review Service

Only available to RxA members.


The APA Review Service provides RxA members with an opportunity to receive feedback related to their completed APA application and cases prior to submitting to the Alberta College of Pharmacists.  


The reviewer will review the application and provide written feedback related to the following:

    • Application completeness;
    • Responses to each of the questions contained within the APA application form;
    • Case completeness;
    • Appropriateness of the case (prescribing intervention) for APA application;
    • Evidence to support the prescribing intervention; and
    • Case organization.


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