New Pharmacies - Access to Alberta Netcare Portal (ANP)

Pharmacies access Alberta Netcare via the provincial portal called Alberta Netcare Portal (ANP). To obtain access to ANP each custodian must complete a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) and have it accepted by the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner (OIPC).


Alberta Health completed a PIA for Alberta Netcare Portal that has been accepted by the OIPC. Therefore the OIPC has agreed to allow custodians to use an expedited process for accessing the Alberta Netcare Portal. The expedited process requires that you submit a letter to the OIPC indicating that


  • you understand your responsibilities and obligations,
  • you are familiar with Alberta Health’s PIA, and
  • you agree to abide by the requirements in it.


You must also provide a copy of your pharmacy’s Privacy Policies and Procedures.



Steps to Complete the Expedited ANP PIA Process

The eHealth Support Services (eHSS) team will assist you to ensure that you meet the requirements for accessing Alberta Netcare Portal and will provide training on the use of ANP


  1. Review and ensure you understand the Alberta Netcare Quick Reference – Summary of the Expedited Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) Process.
  2. Review and ensure you understand the Alberta Netcare Guide for Authorized Custodians and/or their Authorized Affiliates
  3. Develop and implement Privacy and Security Policies and Procedures in compliance with the Alberta Health Information Act (HIA)
    • A template Privacy and Security Policies and Procedures document is available. The eHealth support services team will provide this to you and assist you to complete your policies and procedures. 
    • Note: It your responsibility to ensure the Privacy Security Policies and Procedures are implemented in your pharmacy. When you sign that PIA document you are telling the Privacy Commissioner that you have all of those policies in place and that you and all your staff will follow them.
  4. Submit your documents to the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner and await notification that the PIA has been accepted by OIPC.
  5. Complete a Provincial Organizational Readiness Assessment (pORA)




Provincial Organizational Readiness Assessment (pORA)

While awaiting acceptance of your PIA an eHealth Support Services Consultant will assist you to complete


  • a EHR Information Management Agreement (IMA) with Alberta Health,  and
  • a provincial Organizational Readiness Assessment (pORA) for Netcare.


The pORA assesses the custodians’ administrative, technical and physical security controls in order to mitigate risks of accidental or malicious access to health information. It is an auditing tool and process to ensure that each authorized custodian has the required processes and measures in place to handle access in compliance with Alberta EHR governance.



Real Time Integration (RTI) with Netcare for new pharmacies

A new pharmacy that implements the Kroll Pharmacy Management System can implement real time integration (RTI) with Netcare, however, a separate PIA must be completed and submitted. The RTI PIA should be completed after the ANP PIA but both can be completed and submitted before the pharmacy opens. 


Integrating your local pharmacy system with the electronic health record allows your system to communicate information about your patients at the point of care in real time. This means you don’t have to leave your pharmacy system to view information on Netcare and you don’t have to use Pharmacy Batch to submit your data.


If you intend to implement RTI in your new pharmacy notify the eHealth Support Services team member that assists you with your Alberta Netcare Portal PIA.