Immunization Resources

Influenza Immunization 


Influenza Immunization 2019-2020: Pharmacy End of Season


Alberta Blue Cross Pharmacy Benefact for Influenza Immunization Program 2019/2020  


The Yearly Booster: Seasonal Influenza Vaccine Program 2019-2020 PD Course 


Alberta College of Pharmacy


Alberta Health Influenza Immunization Policy for 2019/20 (revised October 2019)


Alberta Public Health Disease Management Guidelines for Seasonal Influenza (2019)


AHS Influenza Immunization Information for Health Professionals


Alberta Health Influenza Immunization Information Page (for Patients)


Influenza Vaccine Quadrivalent Inactivated 2019-2020


Influenza Vaccine Quadrivalent (Fluarix - US)


Influenza Vaccine Quadrivalent (Afluria)


Influenza Vaccine Quadrivalent (FluLaval – US) 


Fluzone High-Dose Information for Health Professionals


Alberta Vaccine Storage and Handling Policy for Provincially Funded Vaccine



 Pneumococcal Immunization


GOA Pneumococcal Polysaccharide 23-valent Immunization Program


GOA Pneumococcal Decision Tree for Pharmacists      


ABC Pneumo-P 23 Benefact



dTap Immunization in Pregnant Women


dTap Administration in Pregnancy Flowchart  


ABC dTap Benefact 



General Immunization


Canadian Immunization Guide


Canadian Immunization Guide - Report of Adverse Events Following Immunization Form 


Canadian Immunization Guide-Part 2 Vaccine Safety-Management of Anaphylaxis


Storage and Handling of Biological Products



Other Related Resources 


Alberta Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) Guidelines


Influenza Immunization Newsletter for Health Professionals