Community Based Naloxone Program

About the Program

Since January 2016, pharmacies have been able to participate in the Community Based Naloxone Program funded by Alberta Health and developed by Alberta Health Services.


As of Feb 7, 2017...

Alberta Health moves Naloxone to non-scheduled status.

Despite the schedule change, program requirements to dispense and be reimbursed for providing provincially funded Overdose Response Kits by pharmacists remains unchanged.  Click her to read the full announcement.


Please READ this issue of the Alberta Blue Cross Benefact #672 for important program and billing information.


Pharmacists wishing to register for the online education program and to take part in the program click here


As a registered pharmacy in the Community Based Naloxone program, you agree to stock kits in your store and make the kits available to the general public.  Please ensure adequate supply is kept on-hand during your participation in the program.


If your store NO LONGER wishes to participate in the Community Based Naloxone Program please send an e-mail to



Read the latest update on the Naloxone Program  

Alberta Blue Cross Benefact #672 - Feb 8, 2017

Alberta Blue Cross Benefact #612

Alberta Blue Cross Benefact #575



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General information about naloxone, opioids (including fentanyl), overdose, signs and symptoms and more is available on the Alberta Health Services website at