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The APEX Awards recognize excellence in pharmacy practice in Alberta. Initiated in August 2007, the awards are jointly funded, promoted, and presented by the Alberta College of Pharmacists (ACP) and the Alberta Pharmacists’ Association (RxA).


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About the Apex Awards: 
The award categories are as follows (click on the award title for the terms of reference, online and printable nomination forms, and award details): 


  • M.J. Huston Pharmacist of Distinction This award is presented to a pharmacist who has demonstrated outstanding professional excellence in the practice of pharmacy.

  • W.L. Boddy Pharmacy Team Award This award is presented to a pharmacy staff team in Alberta who, by virtue of their practice, positively impact the health of their community.

  • Award of Excellence This award is presented to an Alberta pharmacist for individual outstanding achievement in the field of pharmacy. This award is granted for a single unique accomplishment or contribution thus differing in this way from the Pharmacist of Distinction Award.

  • Future of Pharmacy The Future of Pharmacy Award is presented to up to three pharmacists per year who exude enthusiasm and passion for pharmacy, are visionary, and offer extraordinary promise to the profession.

  • Friend of Pharmacy The Friend of Pharmacy Award is presented to a non-pharmacist who has contributed to the success of the profession of pharmacy.

  • Pfizer Consumer Healthcare Bowl of Hygeia The Bowl of Hygeia is awarded annually to a pharmacist who has compiled an outstanding record of community service which, apart from his/her specific identification as a pharmacist, reflects well on the profession.


For the terms of reference, click on the award title.

Online and printable nomination forms and award details 


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