What do I need to do?

 As a non-member, keep participating in the high quality professional development courses that RxA offers, knowing that your registration fee for courses will also give you a RxE-MEMBER AdvantageTMcredit towards becoming an RxA member!  RxE-MEMBER what you did with RxA and we'll RxE-MEMBER you when you purchase your RxA membership.  No need to keep track of which programs you've taken.  We'll do that for you.  All you need to do is purchase your RxA membership next year to maximize your savings!


As an RxA member, you will continue to have complete access to our entire catalogue of live and online, high quality professional development programs at already reduced RxA member rates.  Many programs are offered at no cost or minimal cost to RxA members as a valued benefit to membership.  

Spread the word and encourage your colleagues to join RxA!


RxE-MEMBER... for every pharmacist that identifies you as a referring RxA member upon purchase of a new RxA membership, you'll receive a $25.00

RxE-MEMBER AdvantageTM credit* towards your RxA membership for the next year!


-->Send us an E-mail and let us know who you referred for Membership!<--


RxE-MEMBER... to participate in the development, delivery or review of an RxA professional development program.


Be engaged and stay engaged.  That's the RxE-MEMBER AdvantageTM










Your RxE-MEMBER AdvantageTM credit will be processed the next business day after your 2019 membership renewal.

You will receive a revised receipt showing the refund for your RxE-MEMBER AdvantageTM credit.