Example Scenario

Meet Judy and Sam...

Judy is not an RxA member.


RxA introduces the RxE-MEMBER AdvantageTM program.  Course A is an eligible online course in the RxE-MEMBER AdvantageTM program.


Judy registers for "Course A" for $75.00 in order to access the course.  Judy receives a RxE-MEMBER AdvantageTM credit of $50.00 towards the purchase of her RxA membership for next year.  In May, Judy receives an e-mail from RxA inviting her to become an RxA member.  Instead of paying the regular rate of $425, Judy's rate for membership is $375 after applying her RxE-MEMBER AdvantageTM credit so Judy buys an RxA membership.


Now Judy is a member of RxA.  Judy has unlimited access to all of RxA's programs at the no charge or reduced fee member rate that all RxA members receive.


RxA introduces three more RxE-MEMBER AdvantageTM eligible courses (Course B, Course C, and Course D).


Judy works with Sam.  


Sam is not an RxA member.  Sam has registered for all three of the  RxE-MEMBER AdvantageTM eligible courses.


RxA Course Non-Member Fee RxE-MEMBER AdvantageTM credit
Course B $75.00 $50.00
Course C $75.00 $50.00
Course D $75.00 $50.00
TOTAL $225.00 $150.00



Judy encourages Sam to become a member of RxA.  When Sam purchases his RxA membership he puts Judy's name as the RxA member that encouraged him to become an RxA member.  


Judy receives a $25.00 RxE-MEMBER AdvantageTM credit towards her next year's RxA membership renewal because of the referral from Sam.  


Judy's RxA membership renewal is now $400 instead of $425 because of her RxE-MEMBER AdvantageTM credit.  Judy renews her membership and continues to be a member of RxA.


Sam's new RxA membership cost is now only $275 instead of $425 because of the RxE-MEMBER AdvantageTM credits ($-150) he accumulated.  Sam purchases his RxA membership.


Now Sam has unlimited access to RxA's programs.


Judy and Sam have the RxE-MEMBER AdvantageTM.  Do you?