RE-MEMBER Advantage Program

Get the RxE-MEMBER AdvantageTM


What is it?

The RxE-MEMBER AdvantageTM (pronounced REMEMBER Advantage) is a reward program that recognizes you for being an active participant in your profession.  We believe in the value of what we do, and we know you do too.  The RxE-MEMBER AdvantageTM program allows you to take advantage of that by recognizing your participation in RxA and in RxA programs by encouraging you to become a member of RxA.  

Once you're a member, the RxE-MEMBER AdvantageTM program enables you to receive credit* towards your membership renewal simply by engaging in your professional association and actively promoting membership. 


*RxE-MEMBER AdvantageTM credits:

  • only apply towards the next year's (July 1-June 30) regular RxA membership fee to a maximum value of $400 (cannot be used towards insurance, ENVIRx or any other RxA programs);
  • are non-transferrable, non-refundable and can not be carried over past June 30th each year.