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Membership Benefits


Membership Matters! 


As a licensed pharmacist in Alberta you are eligible for an RxA pharmacist membership.


Pharmacists can purchase an individual membership and select the enhanced optional ENVIRx service on the membership application form. 


Below you will find details of all the benefits and services that your RxA membership includes:



RxA works hard to champion your interests on funding, scope of practice, emerging pharmacy trends and healthcare initatives. Members help shape these efforts by electing Directors to the RxA Board, and are kept up-to-date with RxA’s In the Room. This e-newsletter has been created to keep our members informed on the new pharmacy agreements with the Alberta Government. 



Professional liability insurance exclusive to RxA members that meets ACP licensing requirements.  

Click here for more information on Professional Liability Insurance. 


Professional Resources & Events 


Our online learning platform allows you to learn when you want, where you want and how you want. 


RxA also offers a large slate of live sessions throughout the year giving members the opportunity to access high caliber instructors and to network with fellow members. 

Click here for more information on Professional Development 


CPhA Associate Membership

Pharmacists who are members of RxA will automatically receive membership with CPhA. 


Job Postings

For pharmacies, advertise an unlimited number of job opportunities for free on the “Career Opportunities” section of RxA’s website.


Career Opportunities

Access a range of career listing online.


ENVIRx Program

RxA’s dead drug disposal provides pharmacies with a safe and environmentally friendly medications and sharps disposal service. The yearly cost is $295.00 + GST per membership year/per store. This membership option is only available to one pharmacist member per store and remains linked to the store for the membership year. 




RxA uses many different communication methods, including social media and e-newsletters to keep members informed of industry trends, policy news innovative pharmacy practice, and developments in the Alberta Pharmacy community. Our weekly e-newsletter ('The Capsule') keeps our members updated and informed.


RxA Services


  • Access to RxA staff and elected board members that represent you and bring your issues forward.
  • RxA’s legal referral service entitles members to a free consultation.
  • RxA’s Wellness Program puts members in touch with chartered psychologists for province-wide confidential counseling.
  • Enjoy exclusive access to discounts on a variety of products and services including car rentals, office supplies, travel packages and more.