Calgary: Mon PM Jun 18, 2018 & Jul 30, 2018 - Preparing for Additional Prescribing Authorization

June 18, 2018 - July 30, 2018

Preparing for Additional Prescribing Authorization (APA) Course

A course offered by the Alberta Pharmacists' Association


Location:  Sheraton Cavalier Calgary Hotel

2620 32nd Avenue NE

Calgary, Alberta


Course Component




Section Enrollment

Part 1 – Introductory Session

Monday, June 18, 2018

1:00pm - 3:00pm

2 hours


Part 2 – Workshop

Monday, July 30, 2018

1:00pm - 4:00pm

3 hours


*Please ensure you are able to attend BOTH parts of the course on the DATE and TIME shown.


Target Audience:

Pharmacists interested in applying for Additional Prescribing Authorization (APA).  In order to complete the course the pharmacist must be able to provide care to at least ONE patient and bring documented case evidence to the Workshop Session.  This requires that the pharmacist be in direct patient care practice for the duration of the course.



This course consists of TWO parts.  Both parts must be completed to receive credit for the course.  The course

provides participants with an overview of the process, requirements and expectations, as well as tools to assist with applying for Additional Prescribing Authorization. 


Part 1 of the course is a live session that is 2 hours in duration.  This part ensures that participants have a good understanding of the requirements to complete their application for Additional Prescribing Authorization.  Participants will learn to gather their case evidence, supplement that evidence with a patient care narrative, and compile their case evidence in a way that will easily demonstrate to assessors that they have met each of the key activities for a successful application.


Before attending the Part 2 Workshop, pharmacists will need to work or have worked with at least 1 patient where an intervention resulted in a recommendation to change drug therapy.  The pharmacist will gather patient case evidence for this patient and use that evidence to complete their first patient case as part of their application for APA.  This case will be reviewed during the Part 2 workshop to determine if it meets all of the key activities and indicators for a successful application.  Pharmacists should allow for ~2-3 hours per week to gather case evidence and complete the home work portion of this course.  Details about the work to be completed will be provided during the Part 1 session.


Part 2 of the course is a workshop session that is 3 hours in duration.  The workshop provides an opportunity for participants to actively engage each other working in pairs or small groups where they will have the opportunity to review their own patient case evidence, and learn tips on how to successfully complete the application form to ensure the greatest possibility of a successful application.


PLEASE NOTE: This course does NOT replace the application process for additional prescribing authorization.  It is a preparation course only.  Course participants must receive authorization from the Alberta College of Pharmacists before beginning to prescribe.  Completing this course does NOT guarantee that you will be successful in your application, though it will improve your ability to meet assessor expectations when applying.



Course Instructors:  

Matt Tachuk  BSc Pharm. RPh

Over the past 5 years Matt has worked closely with pharmacists engaged in practice change and change management.  He has worked with a wide variety of pharmacists in both BC and Alberta, which allowed him to understand the challenges and success strategies needed by pharmacists who wish to excel at providing patient focused services.  His experience in practice change management and process based learning will benefit pharmacists interested in preparing to apply for their additional prescribing authorization.




Diane Crandall  BSc Pharm. RPh CDE  APA

Diane has been practicing pharmacy in Alberta for twenty years, is a Certified Diabetes Educator, Smoking Cessation Educator, and has her Additional Prescribing Authorization and Injection Certification. She has spent the last couple years working as Director of Professional Services for Sandstone Pharmacies in Calgary, Alberta, where she has completed hundreds of care plans and thousands of clinical services billings, and encouraged and supported Sandstone pharmacists in successfully applying for Additional Prescribing Authorization and incorporating billable clinical services into their practices.




 Part 1 (Preparing to Apply for APA) 2 hours:

1)      Understand the process, requirements, and steps necessary to successfully obtain

2)      Differentiate between practice expectations (ie. “charting”), and application
         requirements  (ie. “patient care narrative”);

3)      Describe acceptable charting examples that meet ACP expectations/standards;

4)      Begin to chart patient interactions that are consistent with ACP standards and are
         appropriate to include as case evidence for the APA application;

5)      Understand the purpose of the patient care narrative as it relates to each case;

6)      Understand how to organize and map your patient case evidence so that ACP
         assessors can easily confirm that each activity and indicator has been met.


Part 2 (Workshop) 3 hours:

1)      Understand how to successfully complete the application form and each component;

2)      Understand the expectations of ACP assessors when reviewing case documentation;

3)      Evaluate a patient case from the perspective of an assessor, using the Peer Self-
         Assessment Tool;

4)      Understand how to organize and map your patient case evidence so that ACP
         assessors can easily confirm that each activity and indicator has been met

5)      Confidently be able to independently complete 2 more patient cases and submit your
         final application for APA.



CCCEP Accreditation #:  8007-2015-1575-L-P

CEU's: 5.0

Accreditation Period: September 23, 2015 - September 23, 2018


Participants will receive a “Statement of Attendance” after successfully completing BOTH parts of the course.  Participants will receive their Statement of Attendance at the end of the Part 2 Workshop.  Partial Credit will NOT be awarded.


Registration Fee:      

RxA Member:   $300 + GST = $315.00

Non-RxA Member:   $500 + GST = $525.00


Registration fee includes:

-         Attendance at both sessions, presentation materials, tools, templates, and resources.

-         A light meal will be served during each part of the course.


Cancellation and Refunds: 

All cancellations are subject to a $100.00 cancellation fee.   Refunds will only be issued up to and including Friday, June 15, 2018.  No refunds will be issued after Friday, June 15, 2018.  Please ensure you will be able to participate in both course components prior to registering in this course.


Difficulty Registering Online? 

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