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Pharmacy Manager/Store Operator Primrose IDA Pharmacy

Rubicon Pharmacies, Edmonton, AB

Posted: May 25, 2021 Closing Date: July 18, 2021
Contact Sanjana Amaroo
Phone 306-522-4072
Fax 306-337-4482
Address 8462 182 Street

Job Description

Rubicon Pharmacies is currently seeking a fulltime Store Operator/Pharmacy Manager to lead their team at Primrose IDA Pharmacy, located in Edmonton, AB.  This pharmacist position will oversee a staff of skilled pharmacists and pharmacy assistants and be a leader within the west Edmonton community.

Rubicon offers competitive employment packages including benefits & pension and puts Care before Commerce for our clients.  Rubicon strongly supports internal movement across and upward in our growing network.  We believe in helping you achieve your career goals, while maintaining a healthy work-life balance, and providing leading clinical care to our clients.

We provide our teams with an extensive support network and a variety of clinical programs, best-practices, and tools to succeed while maintaining autonomy at store level.  Rubicon has embraced practice innovations and will continue developing programs and services to support our local pharmacy teams.


OBJECTIVE: This manager-level position is responsible for overseeing the pharmacy operation as it provides high quality care and customer service, and operates efficiently through optimization of its human, physical, and financial capital within the framework of legislative requirements, and Rubicon policies and programs.


  • Participate in initiatives to achieve strategic objectives
  • Maintain systems to measure improvements in quality, cost or patient care
  • Follow and promote the Rubicon policy manual to inspire a working environment that attracts and retains talented, committed and engaged employees
  • Participates in self-development activities related to current job function or future career growth
  • Promotes the Rubicon brand through publishing, presenting, and participation in industry associations to improve brand awareness.
  • Participate in initiatives to achieve strategic objectives
  • Follow and promote the Rubicon policy manual to inspire a working environment that attracts and retains talented, committed and engaged employees
  • Ensure customer expectations are met

Along with the above-mentioned job responsibilities, the Store Operator is required to focus on the following essential items:

Corporate Liaison

Operate the store within the guidelines and objectives of Rubicon.

Participate in setting financial operating budgets and policy objectives with Rubicon both on a long term and short term basis.

Ensure proper record keeping, reporting and timely communication with the Rubicon Accounting Office.


Ensure that the pharmacy is operated in accordance with all provincial and federal regulations with set operating guidelines for the pharmacy in co-operation with all dispensary staff. Ensure that all OTC’s and non-prescription products are merchandised in accordance with provincial regulations.


Rubicon Pharmacies is committed to the advancement of the profession of pharmacy. It is our expectation that all of our pharmacists assist in and promote the professional development of the profession of pharmacy through the offering of medication reviews, community based and individualized clinical interventions, such as for smoking cessation.

Store Operations

The successful applicant will operate the store within the guidelines of the applicable Franchise or Membership Agreement and Operating Store Standards, including managing store policies, training new staff, financial reporting, inventory tracking, security, merchandising, presenting a warm, friendly and service oriented image to customers and the local business community. They will oversee the pharmacy personnel,  inventory & record keeping (both pharmacy and front store), as well as projecting a professional image.


  • Degree in Pharmacy.
  • Licensed to practice as a pharmacist and has met the licensee requirements in the province of Alberta.
  • Injection Certification required
  • APA preferred
  • Pharmacy management experience preferred.
  • Participate on an on-going basis in continuing education programs for professional development.
  • Professional attitude and ability to communicate well with customers, co-workers and suppliers.
  • Must possess a valid driver’s license.