2024 Bowl of Hygeia: Carol Wei

Carol Wei
Clinical Pharmacist

Safeway Pharmacy, Airdrie

The Bowl of Hygeia is awarded annually to a pharmacist who has an outstanding record of community service which, apart from their specific identification as a pharmacist, reflects well on the profession.

This year’s recipient is Carol Wei, a clinical pharmacist at Safeway Pharmacy in Airdrie, Alberta. Throughout her career in pharmacy, Carol has shown a deep commitment to patient-centered care, particularly in the diabetes community.

In 2003, Carol earned her Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) certificate, laying the foundation for her subsequent accolades and achievements. Six years later, in 2009, she was honoured with the CPhA Pharmacist Diabetes Educator award, a testament to her trailblazing efforts in advancing diabetes healthcare. Carol’s impact extends far beyond the confines of Safeway Pharmacy in Airdrie; her reputation for delivering unparalleled patient care has led physicians and endocrinologists in Calgary to refer patients for diabetes education sessions and medication reviews regularly.

One example shared by a colleague shows Carol’s trustworthiness and collaborative spirit. A local physician referred a diabetes patient to Carol, who, through careful investigation, discovered a critical oversight in the patient’s administration of Ozempic. Carol’s education and intervention not only rectified the issue but also resulted in significant improvement in the patient’s A1C levels.

Carol’s commitment to fostering relationships within the healthcare community is evident in her collaborative efforts with the C-Endo team. Her dedication to professional development extends to educating fellow pharmacists, interns, technicians and other healthcare professionals. Her office at Safeway Pharmacy is equipped with resources for one-on-one consultations, reflecting her emphasis on personalized patient care.

As an advocate for clinical services, Carol provides counselling sessions for newly diagnosed diabetes patients, offering guidance on insulin starts, adjustments, hypoglycemia management, and cardiovascular health. Her meticulous documentation ensures comprehensive follow-up, demonstrating her commitment to each patient’s well-being.

Colleagues frequently share positive feedback, highlighting how Carol’s expertise led to impactful health outcomes. Whether addressing overbasalization or conducting educational sessions, her contributions resonate positively within the healthcare community.

Carol’s influence extends beyond her immediate professional circle to mentoring pharmacy students, with many inspired to pursue CDE certification. Her collaborative work reflects her dedication to sharing her expertise and shaping the future of pharmacy.

Carol’s reputation as a diabetes specialist has reached national prominence, which is evident in her presentations to healthcare professionals and involvement in various studies and projects. Her active participation in organizing conferences and her role in pioneering studies, such as the Safeway Pharmacy cohort study, exemplify her dedication to advancing the field of diabetes management.

Carol’s leadership, mentorship, and relentless pursuit of excellence in patient care position her as a leader in the diabetes care landscape. She is pushing the boundaries of care for the diabetes community and elevating the role of community pharmacists to new heights.