2024 Future of Pharmacy: Nisreen Chehimi

Nisreen Chehimi
Lead Relief Pharmacist
Relief Rxperts

The Future of Pharmacy Award is presented to up to three pharmacists per year who exude a passion for pharmacy and offer extraordinary promise to the profession. Nominees will exhibit strong leadership skills and the initiative to become one of the profession’s role models.  

One of this year’s Future of Pharmacy award winners is Nisreen Chehimi.

Nisreen’s professional journey is a testament to her unwavering commitment to advancing the practice and continuous professional development within the pharmacy field. In her role as the lead relief pharmacist at Relief Rxperts, Nisreen has demonstrated unparalleled adaptability and showcased a proactive approach to expanding her clinical expertise. With over five years of experience, her journey has taken her through more than 50 community pharmacies across Alberta, highlighting her steadfast commitment to staying at the forefront of the ever-evolving pharmacy landscape.

As the lead of relief operations, Nisreen oversees and supports pharmacists, fostering a collaborative professional environment that ultimately benefits patient care. Her dedication to patient well-being is commendable, setting a benchmark for the future of pharmacy. Nisreen’s dedication to her patients shines through her extensive work in challenging remote environments, including northern communities and reserves with limited access to healthcare professionals. Her experiences underscore her commitment to providing exceptional care and going above and beyond for those she serves.

Nisreen’s leadership transcends traditional boundaries, positioning her as a visionary pioneer shaping the future of pharmacy. She served as the Chairperson of the Events Committee of the Pharmacy Alumni Association (PAA), reviving the association after years of dormancy. Her role in organizing webinars, planning online events, and coordinating alum support initiatives has significantly contributed to advancing the pharmacy profession. Nisreen played a crucial role in organizing an engaging panel discussion titled “Pharmacy: A Trusted Profession Where have we been and where are we headed?,” providing valuable insights into the strengths of the pharmacy profession and strategies for building trust within the community.

 Her dedication to mental health awareness, particularly during the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, showcases her forward-thinking approach to addressing broader health needs. Initiatives like “Pharmacists on the Front Lines: Starting a Conversation about Mental Health” demonstrate Nisreen’s proactive commitment to the holistic well-being of both her colleagues and the wider community.

 Nisreen’s mentorship extends beyond her immediate responsibilities, shaping the next generation of pharmacists. Her active engagement in academic spheres, serving as a lab facilitator for learners in the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, solidifies her position as a guiding force in the future of pharmacy.

Actively participating in professional organizations, from her longstanding membership with RxA to attending conferences and events like the Pharmacy U conference in BC, highlights Nisreen’s commitment to continuous learning. Her vibrant online presence through “PharmacistOnDemand” amplifies her commitment to public education, establishing her as a key influencer and educator in shaping public perceptions of the pharmacy profession. Nisreen also works closely with learners as a pharmacist assessor and helps in marking mock OSCEs and ensuring students are well-prepared not only for practice but also for their licensing exams.

In recognition of her significant contributions, Nisreen’s acknowledgment as a woman of influence in the “Mortar and Pestle” article is a resounding endorsement of her impact and leadership within the profession. Her attendance at the RxA’s women in pharmacy leadership dinner further exemplifies her commitment to connecting with like-minded individuals in the field.

“Nisreen is not just a pharmacist but also a visionary leader, mentor and advocate shaping the pharmacy’s future landscape. Her multifaceted contributions, from expanding clinical expertise to pioneering mental health awareness initiatives, underscore her dedication to the betterment of the pharmacy profession,” adds nominator Amanda Elzein.