2023 W.L. Boddy Pharmacy Team Award: Provost IDA Pharmacy

Left to right: Tracy Salyn, Mandy Lakevold, Kayla Johnston, Renae Mitchell-Skinner, Barb Hawken, Rebecca Scherger

Tracy Salyn -Pharmacy Assistant
Mandy Lakevold- Pharmacy Technician
Kayla Johnston – Pharmacy Technician
Renae Mitchell-Skinner- Pharmacist
Barb Hawken – Pharmacist
Rebecca Scherger – Pharmacist
Provost IDA Pharmacy, Provost

This award is presented to a healthcare team (pharmacy staff team or multidisciplinary team that includes one or more pharmacists) in Alberta who, by virtue of their collaboration skills and use of the pharmacist’s full scope of practice, positively impacted the health of individuals in their community.   

This year’s recipient is the Provost IDA Pharmacy. The team consist of; 

Barb Hawken, pharmacy manager, has been building relationships with patients at this location for 24 years. Over the years Barb has promoted advancement in pharmacy as she was one of the early pharmacists to receive her injection training and APA designation. She was also instrumental in the pharmacy being one of the first pilot pharmacies in Canada to test e-prescribing as part of the Alberta Netcare e-prescribe pilot.  Barb also works with the PCN clinic. 

Rebecca Scherger is a full-time pharmacist who does travel immunizations. She is also a very knowledgeable source of clinical information for the rest of the team. Rebecca started in the pharmacy as a high school student in 2012 and returned to the IDA pharmacy in 2017 after graduating from U of A. Rebecca is now a preceptor for U of A students. 

Renae Mitchell-Skinner has worked part-time at the pharmacy for 14 years and is an important asset to the team. Renae works in promoting the pharmacy in our community by participating in career fairs and presenting at other information sessions in the community.  

Mandy Lakevold joined the team right out of high school 19 years ago. She became a registered technician after being one of the first in the class to pilot the PEBC exam in 2010. Mandy keeps the inventory in order and is the social media go-to. 

Kayla Johnston is the newest staff member even though she has worked with the team for 6 years. Kayla keeps the immunization inventory on track and works within her pharmacy technician scope as the main blister pack checker.   

Tracy Salyn is a pharmacy assistant who has been with the pharmacy for 9 years. Tracy is the one you want to talk to for all things regarding the Alberta Aids to Daily Living program. She is also very good with IT support.    

Nominator Sherilea Scheidt said this about the team, “they are friendly, knowledgeable and always [go] above and beyond in both support of their store clients and in the community programs they collaborate with, resulting in high quality client care.”   

The Provost IDA pharmacy team utilizes each team members skill to provide exceptional care to their patients. The pharmacy is instrumental in participating in COVID immunization programs as well as providing travel immunization services for the community and surrounding areas including patients from Saskatchewan. They have provided packaging and delivery to the lodge patients as well as to individual homes within the community. In addition, they are involved in a Warfarin management program where they participate in shared care of patients to ensure that any lab values are viewed and all medications are adjusted in a safe and timely manner.  

Scheidt added, “All of the above-mentioned services definitely require the dedication of the entire IDA Team and we see every day the difference they make in this small community.” 

The pharmacy staff at the Provost IDA also work hard to promote health and well-being within their community. The pharmacists are part of a Primary Care Network team focusing on Diabetes and Geriatric Care. The interactions within the team have decreased hospital admissions and allowed patients to stay in their homes longer. The diabetic PCN involves a pharmacist, nurse and physician who provide counselling and support to new and existing diabetics in the community. Members of the team present information sessions at the Family Resource Network and have participated in many career fairs. As well, the team participated in the Rural Health Professions Action Plan along with other healthcare professionals to increase awareness in high school students of health care positions available in rural Alberta.  

 When asked, “how do you think patients benefit from this team care approach?” Pharmacy manager Barb Hawken responded with, “pharmacy practice in a small community enhances seamless care. The advantage of seeing a patient at the PCN clinic or lodge and then being able to follow up with that patient in the community pharmacy regularly is a huge benefit to the patient. The communication between all groups of the patient’s health care team including home care, physicians, PCN clinic and the pharmacy team has proven to improve care in our community and we are proud to be a part of this team.”