2023 M.J. Huston Pharmacist of Distinction: Trish Molberg

Trish Molberg
Pharmacy Manager
Neighborly Pharmacy

The M.J. Huston Pharmacist of Distinction is awarded annually to a pharmacist who demonstrates leadership through their long-time commitment to patient care, innovation, and the advancement of the profession.  

This year’s M.J. Huston Pharmacist of Distinction is Trish Molberg, Pharmacy Manager with Neighborly Pharmacy. Trish consistently demonstrates her dedication, commitment and passion for both her pharmacy and community and is constantly pushing the parameters of her profession to expand her scope of practice.  

Throughout her career, Trish has continually pushed herself and has grown her skill set to best serve her patients. Notably, Trish was one of the first Certified Tobacco Educators in Alberta. Having this designation gives her access to government funding for patient’s smoking cessation aids. Trish uses her pharmacist intuition to reach out to those who need help with this addiction, whether a regular patient, a one-time drop in visit or even a child of a long-standing patient.  

As a Certified Respiratory Educator, she uses her extensive knowledge to educate and support patients in managing their disease. Over the years, many referrals to spirometry clinics have been instigated by Trish to the betterment of patient’s health. With her designation as a Certified Diabetes Educator, she works in conjunction with a Diabetes Specialist Care Clinic in the city. You can also add authorization to administer injections additional prescribing authorization to her arsenal of practice skills.  

One thing that fuels Trish’s passion for continuingly learning is precepting and mentoring students and new pharmacists. She loves having the opportunity to share her knowledge and experiences but also finds it pushes her to grow and stay up to date in her practice. In 2015, Trish was the recipient of the University of Alberta’s Preceptor of the Year Award. 

Her advanced practice skills are just one component that makes Trish an exceptional pharmacist. Colleagues describe Trish’s patient interactions as “life changing in the most positive of ways and demonstrates how pharmacists can impact our health care systems.” 

A patient sharing her family’s journey navigating a new ADHD diagnose noted “Trish gave my family more time enjoying one another and less time dealing with a disorder that can wreak havoc in family dynamics. I count on Trish for her expertise, caring nature, wonderful sense of humour, professionalism and sincerity to provide me and my family the best health care possible.” 

Trish’s philosophy for her practice is that every patient is just doing the best they can with the tools they have, and that everyone deserves the same opportunity and treatments/fairness.  

“If we think of all our patients this way and put ourselves in their shoes, every interaction and decision is motivated by trying to take advantage of every opportunity as Pharmacist.