Mark Percy

Name: Mark Percy 

Community of Residence: Calgary, Alberta

Year of Admission to Practice (Alberta): 2009

Current Place of Employment: Blue Bottle Pharmacy


Identify other relevant professional experience, achievements or areas of focus related to your practice history:


Completion of a Hospital Residency 2009-2010 with a geriatric research focus. I then accepted a position on a Medical Teaching Unit/Internal Medicine at Foothills Medical Centre. Over the course of five years I formally integrated into medical resident and clerk education with Professor Rounds and initiation of “Pharmacy Tip of the Week” and then pursue quality improvement research. I completed a Certificate in Patient Safety and Quality Management through the University of Calgary Faculty of Medicine and pursued Lean Green/Six Sigma certification. In 2014 I left that position to become managing partner of Blue Bottle Pharmacy and develop outreach clinical work that incorporates addictions, Inner city health, and internal medicine.


Describe past opportunities where you held a leadership role either in a professional or volunteer capacity:


-          VP CAPSI 2006-2007

-          RxA Student Board Member 2007-2008

-          ACP Hearing Tribunal 2014 – Present

-          CSHP Education Committee Speaker Liason 2011-2012

-          CSHP Education Committee Vice-Chair 2012-2013

-          CSHP Education Committee Chair 2013-2014

-          FMC Pharmacy Department Operations Committee 2011-2012

-          Calgary Flames Health Training Camp Planning Committee and Clinical Assessor 2016-Present

-          VP Policy Calgary Varsity PCAA – 2012-2015

-          ACP Leadership Forum 2015-Present 


Describe your personal vision for the future of pharmacist practice:


Over the next 10 years, I desire to take steps in defining and owning roles that pharmacists are the principle stakeholder. I see pharmacists taking the role of medication management and therapeutic management of chronic disease. While these are roles we discuss and many feel we have with our current scope, I do not feel we have fully owned this role with respect to consistency of practice, reliability, and stakeholder buy in.


Identify from your perspective, RxA’s 2017 – 2018 priorities to enhance practice:


-sustainable funding models for clinical services and billing codes that reflect the care we provide from both government and third party payers.


-ensuring that the pharmacist job market is not diluted by granting too many licenses. This includes assessing graduation numbers and working with ACP to create quotas for pharmacists looking to transfer from other markets.


-creating continuing education opportunities that push practice standards rather than just meet them


-sustainable funding models for medication dispensing that are transparent


-addressing alternative practice models that are entering our market and what position/approach we should take including: preferred pharmacy models for certain third party payers


-better marketing of pharmacist services and what patient’s should expect from their pharmacist


-more support for the licensee as larger corporation dominate the market landscape dictating terms when much of the legal responsibility falls on the licensee