Dan Burton

Name: Daniel Burton (Dan)

Community of Residence: Calgary, Alberta

Year of Admission to Practice (Alberta): 2016

Current Place of Employment: Red Deer Regional Hospital/Shoppers Drug Mart/PharmD Student


Identify other relevant professional experience, achievements or areas of focus related to your practice history:


I am currently enrolled in the University of Alberta, PharmD for Practicing pharmacists program with a completion date of August 11, 2017. Through work experience and the PharmD program I have been exposed to a variety of pharmacy practice settings including hospital, community, primary care networks, and a leadership placement with the Alberta Pharmacists’ Association (RxA). During my time with RxA, I was given the opportunity to engage stakeholders, participate in government negotiations, and perform other advocacy activities to enhance our profession. My experience with RxA provided me with a greater understanding and appreciation for the work that RxA does for our profession and it is part of what inspired me to run for the Board of Directors. The experience with RxA in conjunction with my other positions have allowed me to identify the challenges that pharmacists, technicians, and the pharmacy practice are facing everyday.  While there may be others with more years of practice experience, I believe my passion and innovative ideas will enhance RxA and our profession if I am elected to the Board of Directors.


Describe past opportunities where you held a leadership role either in a professional or volunteer capacity:


I have embraced a variety of leadership opportunities throughout my pharmacy education and in my time as a practicing pharmacist.


I had the pleasure of serving as the Canadian Association of Pharmacy Students and Interns (CAPSI) Junior and Senior representatives during my undergraduate degree. In these positions, I was an advocate for Alberta pharmacy students and the pharmacist profession on a national level with the CAPSI National council. In conjunction with these positions, I also helped to plan and organize several fundraising and advocacy events such as the CIBC Run for the Cure and Pharmacist Awareness Month (PAM). These events were an excellent avenue to not only showcase the genuine hard work of Alberta pharmacy students, but they also allowed us to highlight the capabilities of our profession to the community. We delivered community blood pressure and diabetes clinics, engaged MLAs, and provided information sessions to our student body on how they can continue to engage government and the public in advocating for the pharmacist profession.


During the final year of my undergraduate degree I assumed the role of the Vice President of Professional Affairs (VPPA) on the CAPSI National council. In this position, I was directly involved in engaging our stakeholders such as the Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS) and the Canadian Nursing Students Association (CNSA). I was successful in establishing new working relationships that allowed our organizations to promote inter-professional collaboration and improve patient care education, at a student level. A final accomplishment as the VPPA, I reached out to the CFMS to provide us with contacts within the federal government and information on how we could train our council to properly lobby government officials. This allowed CAPSI National to engage the Canadian Federal Government in a lobby day thereby expressing the concerns of pharmacy students at the parliament building in Ottawa the following year.


During my time in the Doctor of Pharmacy program I have continued to be involved as the current Registrar of the CSHP Education Committee. Where I have had a role in the planning and organizing of the CSHP-AB AGM 2017. I have also remained involved with the University of Alberta Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences by sitting on the PharmD for Practicing Pharmacists Admissions Committee.


I have an extensive amount of leadership experience and I believe this has provided me with the necessary skills and knowledge to be an active member of the RxA Board of Directors and have a positive influence in advancing our profession to meet tomorrow’s needs.


Describe your personal vision for the future of pharmacist practice:


I believe pharmacists will continue to move away from dispensary type activities by fully utilizing and supporting their regulated pharmacy technicians. I envision a future where pharmacists are supported to provide clinical services that will include assessing, diagnosing, initiating therapy, providing follow-up care, and collaborating with healthcare providers. I see pharmacists as established clinicians providing care for their patients and families to ensure that each Albertan not only receives the accessible care that they need, but also the care that they deserve.


Identify from your perspective, RxA’s 2017 – 2018 priorities to enhance the profession:


1)      Negotiate the renewal of the pharmacy services framework for 2018.

    • Maintain the current framework and compensation model.
    • Expand on current framework by expanding the criteria of CACPs and SMMAs to ensure that all patients can receive the appropriate care and follow-up they require and the pharmacist can be fairly compensated.

2)      Advocating for separation of pharmacy services compensation, from the provincial drug budget.

    • We deserve to be treated as a separate professional entity similar to physicians.

3)      Continue to support research in pharmacy practice to demonstrate the value of pharmacists.

4)      Continue to unite and inspire pharmacists to innovate and collaborate as an informed association of professionals.