For the Pharmacist


RxA has developed this area of our website as your ‘go to’ for resources and information related to the Pharmacy Services Framework.





  • Ministerial Order - Eligibility rules for the compensation of Pharmacy Services: Produced by Alberta Health, view Ministerial Order.


  • Documentation Templates (member only): RxA has created a new practice tool template to support you in the provision and delivery of a Comprehensive Annual Care Plan (CACP), a Standard Medication Management Assessment (SMMA) and associated follow-ups.

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  • Alberta Blue Cross Benefacts related to thePharmacy Services Framework:



                 Pharmacy Services Compensation Update. Benefact Number 446, March 2014


                 Pharmacy services compensation update. Benefact Number 388, May 2013


                 Pharmacy Services Compensation Update. Benefact Number 382, April 2013 (issued out of order) 


Clarification on compensation for pharmacy services. Benefact Number 357, August 2012.

Alberta Health has provided additional clarity on frequency limitations for compensation of Pharmacy Services. Benefact Number 347, July 2012.

Billing information for Pharmacy Services. Benefact Number 346, June 2012.

Confirming Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan Coverage for the new Pharmacy Services. Useful reference: Benefact Number 328, January 2012.