Influenza Immunization Program


November 3, 2016


Important Influenza Update


Alberta Health is advising all community providers of influenza immunization that FLUAD® is the vaccine of choice for individuals 65 years of age and older; however, FLUZONE® can be administered if FLUAD® is not available. It is recommended to immunize individuals with FLUZONE® rather than delay immunization in the event that FLUAD® is not available.


Alberta health has advised that all shortages of FLUAD® have been resolved and that pharmacies may now receive stock.


If for any reason FLUAD® is not available in your pharmacy for a patient who is 65 years of age or older, the pharmacist MUST inform the patient that FLUAD® is the vaccine of choice for them however they may instead receive FLUZONE® if the patient wishes to proceed with immunization.  


Should a patient instead wish to receive FLUAD® and it is not available in the pharmacy, the pharmacist should refer the patient to an AHS Public Health Influenza Immunization clinic.




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